Terms & Conditions

Mugg & Bean Generosity App
    • Please note that there is a charge of R1 when you upload a payment card to the M&B App. This is necessary for the card to authenticated. This fee will, however, be refunded to you within 7-10 working days.
    • By using the Mugg & Bean Generosity app, you agree to these terms of use
    • Bean Balances are valid for a period of two years. Bean Balances are spent in the order earned – first earned, first spent.
    • If you have not interacted with the Mugg & Bean Generosity App for a period of 1 year, you will forfeit your Bean Balance and any amount earned. If you want to become a member of the Mugg & Bean Generosity program, you will need to register again as a new user should you wish to utilise the Mugg & Bean Generosity app.
    • Promotions are only redeemable at participating Mugg & Bean restaurants in South Africa.
    • Certain offers are limited to one redemption per customer, per participating store, within the specified period.
    • If the bill amount is greater than the available Bean Balance, only the full Bean Balance may be claimed at any one time.Bills of a value lower than the available Bean Balance may be redeemed in full, however tips may not be included in the payment of bills using the Bean Balance. For example, if your bill is R100 and you have R50 in your Bean Balance, you have to use the entire R50 towards your bill.
    • Mugg & Bean reserve the right to amend or stop a promotion at any time
    • The available Bean Balance is only redeemable once and is not exchangeable for cash in store or change to be given. Tips are also excluded from being paid using the Bean Balance.
    • By signing up and agreeing to the terms and conditions of this app, you agree that Mugg & Bean and certain of its third party suppliers may contact you with relevant offers from time to time. You may opt out of these communications at any time.
    • Mugg & Bean cannot be held accountable for lost or stolen credit card information, it is the card holder’s responsibility to protect their pin at all times.
    • Deliveries by third party suppliers cannot be paid for using the available Bean Balance, in part or in full.
    • App earning transactions are limited to 5 per customer, per day
Bottomless Hot Chocolate
    • Bottomless range is available for sit-down patrons only. On The Move at Total locations are excluded. No takeaway options.
    • Some food items may contain traces of nuts and seeds. Patrons to enquire about food allergies prior to placing order. Mugg & Bean accepts no responsibility for any food allergies.
    • Bottomless range is to be enjoyed by one patron per order. No sharing options available.
    • Portion weights are raw weights.
    • All visuals are suggested servings only.
    • All extras will be charged for.
    • Certain menu items are made from non-dairy cream.
    • Errors and Omissions excepted.
VAST Acceptable Use Policy
To view our VAST Acceptable Use Policy, please click here.
    • All visuals are suggested servings only.
    • All extras will be charged for.
    • Not all items on this menu are available as takeaway.
    • Bottomless Coffee is available for sit-down customers only.
    • Our cakes are baked fresh in store. No cakes are kept past their 3-day shelf life.
    • Avocado and strawberries are subject to availability
    • Bacon can be substituted for Beef Macon.
    • Portion weights are raw weights.
    • Only certain crumbles, pies and tarts are served with cream or ice cream.
    • Certain menu items are made from non-dairy cream.
    • All offers available while stocks last.
    • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Should you be allergic to any food items, please request information regarding the ingredients prior to ordering.
    • Some food items have traces of nuts and sesame seeds.
    • Some food items are made using dairy products, wheat gluten and soya.
    • All food items are prepared in a kitchen where nuts, dairy products, wheat gluten and soya are used.
Photography Usage
Any person that has their photograph taken by Mugg & Bean gives their full consent to do so, and further consents to Mugg & Bean using the said photograph for promotional purposes. Any such person also absolves Mugg & Bean from any liability arising out of any harm or damage caused by the unintended use of the said photograph by a third party, as a result of the photograph being published.